Welcome to my blog about the most amazing book ever written.  I hope that you’ll share your insights and participate in the discussion actively.

Let’s take a fresh look at The Bible. If you’re like me, you’re often frustrated with traditional Bible study material that is often trivial and makes the Bible seem dull. To me it’s an incredibly exciting book. Hopefully, we can rediscover that together and realize the greater reason for doing this: to share with other Christians and present to non Christians the glories of the Lord.

Individual posts are added by topic.  To see each post, simple click the topic on the sidebar. For example, Ephesians will be the first book studied.  To view the individual posts, or lessons, on Ephesians, simply click on the Ephesians tab on left side of the page.  As other books are added, new tabs will be created.

Occasionally, other topics such as comments on current events and issues in our culture or interesting places to visit will also be posted.  Like the other material, these posts can be found on the left hand side bar.


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